The Quarter Club

The Quarter Club


Think of The Quarter Club as a membership to Quarters. Quarter Club Members pay an annual fee and receive great benefits in return. Membership renews every year on Quarters’ Anniversary, June 29. Exclusively for 2019; signup now and your membership runs through June 29, 2020.

Benefits to Membership:

  • Custom engraved 16oz Glass Mug, stored and on display in the tasting room.

  • One free fill of your 16oz Glass Mug per day. (Does not include guest taps)

  • Exclusive access to the VIP Membership reception during Quarters’ annual anniversary party with free food, raffle entries, and more!

  • Birthday Freeplay: Come in on your birthday and we’ll set the game of your choice to Freeplay for the day

  • 25% off Growler Fills of Quarters Beer.

  • 10% off all Quarters Keg purchases.

  • 10% off Quarters SWAG (Shirts, Glasses, etc)

  • New mugs are engraved every year, last year’s mug is your’s to keep when the new ones come in

Current Members:

  1. MOM

  2. CON

  3. VBR

  4. SKY

  5. KIP

  6. JHH

  7. ACE

  8. TOM

  9. JAV

  10. NAD

  11. JAW

  12. WOJ

  13. E_W

  14. ARC

  15. JNM

  16. BDJ

  17. AAJ

  18. NED

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