The Quarter Club: Year 2

The Quarter Club: Year 2


Exclusively for 2019; signup now and your membership runs through June 29, 2020!

Think of The Quarter Club as a membership to Quarters. Quarter Club Members pay an annual fee and receive great benefits in return. Membership renews every year on Quarters’ Anniversary, June 29.

Benefits to Membership:

  • Custom engraved 16oz Glass Mug, stored and on display in the tasting room.

  • One free Quarters Beer in your 16oz Glass Mug per day.

  • Exclusive access to the VIP Membership reception during Quarters’ annual anniversary party with free food, raffle entries, and more.

  • Birthday Freeplay: Come in on your birthday and we’ll set the game of your choice to Freeplay for the day.

  • 25% off Growler Fills of Quarters Beer.

  • 10% off all Quarters Keg purchases.

  • 10% off Quarters SWAG (Shirts, Glasses, etc)

  • New mugs are engraved every year, last year’s mug is your’s to keep when the new ones come in.

  • Never wait in line; when Quarters is at capacity club members and one guest can skip the line and get in immediately.

Offers cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Quarters reserves the right to reject or cancel any membership at the owner’s discretion.

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Current Members:

  1. MOM

  2. CON

  3. VBR

  4. SKY

  5. KIP

  6. JHH

  7. ACE

  8. TOM

  9. JAV

  10. NAD

  11. JAW

  12. WOJ

  13. E_W

  14. ARC

  15. JNM

  16. BDJ

  17. AAJ

  18. NED

  19. BLP

  20. CMJ

  21. DCJ

  22. CMZ

  23. RRR

  24. JMR

  25. LJG

  26. BOB

  27. GLS

  28. ZIW

  29. ELH

  30. RIK

  31. WAD