1.      QUALIFYING FORMAT: Best Game

A period of unlimited best game qualifying will take place at the beginning of the tournament. A tournament bank of games will be designated before the start of the tournament. The tournament bank will remain the same for Qualifying and Finals. All entrants will receive as many tickets as there are games in the tournament bank, where each ticket represents a single game that can be played on any of the tournament machines. Players may purchase unlimited additional tickets from the tournament organizers. A competitor may play each game one after the other or repeat the same game until he or she achieves the desired score.

At the end of the qualifying period, only a player’s highest score on each pinball machine is counted toward his or her qualifying ranking. For instance, if a player has played the same game twenty five times, only the highest single score of those twenty five games is recorded and the other twenty four are forgotten.

Players do not have to play all games in the tournament bank to qualify, but will only receive points for the games they play.

All scores between players are ranked in the following fashion: 100 points for the best overall score on a game, 90 points for the second highest score on a game, 85 points for the third highest score, and then decreasing by one point per position down to zero. Competitors are not forced to play every game in the qualifying bank.

2.      FINALS FORMAT: Modified PAPA Style

The players with the top 8 scores from the qualifying round will advance to the finals. In the event of a point tie the tied players will compete head to head on the table of the tournament organizers choosing with the highest scoring player taking the higher seed.

All finalists will be divided into groups of four players based on standard seeding procedures. Each group will play two separate four-player games, each on a different machine from the tournament bank. Each four-player game will be scored as follows:

Rank Score

1st = 4points

2nd = 2points

3rd = 1point

4th = 0points

The highest-seeded player within each group will choose the machine to be played. The remaining players will choose their order of play, in descending order of seeding.

Note that the original seeding of players when entering the final rounds from qualifying is used in every round. At no time does a player’s seeding change from round to round.

No group may select a machine which has already been selected by a group in the same round, nor may they choose a machine on which they have already played in that round. If the machine selected is currently being played by another group in a previous round of play, the group may wait for that round of play to be completed. For example, if one group is playing a given machine as their first machine, a different group may choose to wait for it as their second machine.

When all games have been completed by a group, each player will have a point total for that round in their division. Two players will advance from each group to the following round.

3.       FORFEIT: If the player does not report to the table within five (5) minutes of being called they shall forfeit the game.


4.       RULE CHANGES: These rules are subject to change at the discretion of Quarters. Players will be notified of the rules version being enforced before the start of a match.


5.       PAPA/IFPA TOURNAMENT RULES: PAPA/IFPA standard tournament rules shall be followed in all areas not specifically addressed by the above Quarter’s Brewing Pinball tournament rules.