About Us


Quarters Brewing Company is…

Quarters Brewing Company is the product of two best friends' obsession with craft beer and great arcade games. Tyler and Brock's journey started as high school sophomores in 2003 with a home-built arcade play surface assembled from mdf, cabinet paper, set construction tools from the drama department, and the best parts from Happ and Ultimarc we could afford with our after-school jobs. Upon its completion the “game cabinet” quickly became the center of every social event we hosted. From cast parties to birthday parties to just regular old parties our parents’ graciously allowed us to play host to a never ending procession of merrymakers looking to unwind and enjoy each other’s company with the simple gameplay and competitive nature of classic arcade games. During this period we developed a list of incredibly fun, challenging, and sometimes obscure arcade games to feature that has proven to be invaluable in our selection of cabinets for the brewery.

Years later we were fortunate enough to come of drinking age in the middle of the still booming craft beer movement. Local craft breweries like Long Trail, Magic Hat, and Otter Creek were in our backyard and local shops were stocked with a craft variety like never before. As a lot of craft beer lovers do, we both independently delved into the hobby of homebrewing, and spent years developing and honing our brewing style and recipes. This process of learning and improving continued even further while operating a homebrew supply store in West Melbourne, Brocks Homebrew Supply. About a year before opening Quarters we took the step at the homebrew store to become a licensed brewery, increasing our production and learning the ins and outs of the government regulations.

It wasn’t until touring the 903 E New Haven property and seeing its tile-lined kitchen and spacious service area that the dream started to take form. The size, the layout, and the location all worked together to create a space that was perfect for a small and local brewery. However, in an era where just making delicious tasting beer sometimes isn’t enough for a brewery to survive, we realized that we needed a hook. The answer, like most great answers, had been staring us in the face the entire time. We should open something different, a combination brewery and arcade taproom.

We can’t wait to bring our passion for classic arcade games and craft beer to the heart of Downtown Melbourne. We plan to start small and let our brewery grow and ferment naturally. With over fifteen years of brewing experience and 100+ tested recipes in our book it’s our hope that our beers will stand the test of time, just like our arcade machines